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Fake TAG Heuer Watches

TAG Heuer replica watches are essentially the same as the original but cheaper watches. TAG Heuer replica watches are a kind of luxury TAG Heuer watch.

Edouard Heuer, a watchmaker from a small village in Switzerland, pushed his innovative designs down a determined path of success. The once small company is now an international corporation that can look back on numerous inventions and technological milestones. Renamed TAG Heuer in 1985, the company is a prominent watch manufacturer that is known for its production of world leading quality watches and its strong connection to the world of motorsports.
Early on, the production of TAG Heuer timepieces caught the attention of the vehicle and aeronautic world. Before long, the company associated itself with motorsports. The connection between TAG Heuer and racing is highly evident in the sporty design of the watches. Some models presented by the company have gained cult status among TAG Heuer enthusiasts - the TAG Heuer Monaco and the TAG Heuer Carrera are a couple of distinctive models just to name a few.


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